What's the donation bar?
It's that bar above the bucket, with the numbers and lines and -

Okay, it's how you can keep track of donations, which leads to...

Why would we do that?
Like many folks, I don't feel right just taking in stuff without offering anything in return. In addition to the (currently weak) store, this is another way you can support the comic, and like the store I want to make sure people are still getting something out of it. I said this in a post and I want to reiterate this, I don't see this as a true incentive, but as a thank you. I'm already touched to have people consistently coming back to the site, and receiving things from you guys...I can't do that without trying to repay you at least a little.
The breakdown is this:
100 - Another Text-based Update
250 - Another Art-based Update
350 - Yet Another Text-based Update
500 - Another Art-based Update + a Wallpaper or Schematic
(free to everyone, but donaters get to vote on which they want).
In the future I'd like to offer a monthly wallpaper or schematic to anyone who donates at least a dollar, but that is *not* yet. Everyone gets one if we reach 500, but, hopefully soon, donaters will get their own specialties.

Is there any way for us to track it?
Yep! Currently the donations stand at: [ $10 ]
You can also look at the picture with the bucket. I'll try to keep that as up-to-date as I can (depending on activity level, probably no more often than twice a week).

I don't really want to have to click the Back button...
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Lo, the bucket awaits below.


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