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7th Feb 2013, 9:21 PM


So, I hinted at this a lot on twitter and once here, but I'll be starting a few adventure short stories *instead* of the regular comic.
Basics, I've restarted grad school to finish it off after crashing into the reef that is crappy advisors. This is going to take a few months, but visualizing the change in mouse brain development due to genealogical differences is hard work. So...ya know, a little slack.

The cover pages will be in color, the rest will be in a black-and-white, vaguely Doug TenNapel style. If I'm lucky. I'm practicing! I'll try my best? Anyway, fun way to work-out a more cartoonish style and we get to see the hijinks of a young Aux and his friends. Where hijinks = almost dying or being maimed regularly.

Let me know what you all think as we go. :D

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