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26th Nov 2012, 10:42 AM


I stayed up working through the night and couldn't get this finished off even though I've had most of it done for days. Sorry, I had to come to work, but I tried to make it viewable post-haste! It will be finished later tonight (Monday) if you're curious about the background.
It's up! It's been ~40 hrs since I slept, so off I go!

Happy Buying Crap Week to many of us in the Western world! I hope you aren't stressing about presents and, instead, enjoying the company of the people you find worthy of giving gifts to! While I'm confusing you, here are things I designed which you can buy if you or someone you know likes bacon.
[-And if you liked the 'I wish I were a muppet' comic from a while back, I'd also like to do something with it. A couple of folks told me that they'd like it as a hoodie. With luck I'll have a clean design ready within 2 weeks.]

I've had some writer's block lately. I reworked parts of this page a lot, especially that ending. Very worried it would come off as creepy, 'they say overly graphic things in front of their child'.

Now to make my way half awake through styling websites.

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