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1st Oct 2012, 7:10 AM


Happy Anniversary! or something...

I don't know the proper 1st year anniversary since the first 6 months had such sporadic updates. Now we're (almost) regular, updating twice a week, looking better in so many ways.
Anyway, the lady had her birthday and I'm a little zonked. So, I made us this cake instead (and now I can remember the comic's anniversary since its her b-day +1 ;) )

I want to thank everybody for reading. We're only a couple pages from the ends of 'issue' 1 and the first short story. And I know more and more people are coming back. That humbles me often. I remember when I first started being happy to see more than just myself and a family member or friend had visited the site. The idea that people would come back once a week to explore this world with me is... beyond my ignorant descriptions.
So, happy birfday to us!

Thursday will have today's regular comic. Next week will be the regular schedule.

1st year anniversary 5 secrets:
(1) We got a domain, just for us, last week and I'll move the site over there some time in the next couple months when I have time. This will also come with a complete overhaul of the site to make navigation and story splits clearer.

(2) This all started out of a game a friend and I started planning. I still hope to come out with that game, but right now its on the back burner. Honestly, I'm loving the comic and I forget the game :D

(3) I *do* have a game in the works not about the comic. I'll be sharing the promo with everybody when its ready, but a lot of the concept art and basic coding is finished. It's a mix between side-scrolling group adventure & bullet hell. I am *very* excited about it.

(4) It's been a rough year. Stresses left and right. Having a world to escape to that also grew my skills? Awesome! Knowing people came back to join me for storytelling has been a bridge over troubled waters at times. Thanks so much.

(5) There's a 2nd comic planned out. I don't expect to have time for it for months [likely a year], but it'll be more comedy based, 3-5 days a week, more cartoony, and for students/comic book lovers.

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