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21st Aug 2012, 3:23 AM


Hey folks. Delayed, but here none the less.
Text update later this week! And either a sketch/wallpaper or a design/schematic going into the voting/donating bins.

Welcome to the returning readers by the way! I've noticed there's a number of people coming back again and again. It's difficult to express how something so simple is so humbling, but I really hope you're enjoying things. I'll try to get better and better! :D

Oh! And remember, if you'd like an easy way to see when updates happen since I'm irregular by a few hours just connect with the typical social things. There's cute little icons I feel oh so proud of making over to the left (right under the comic and ads) that also have the appropriate links.

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24th Aug 2012, 12:45 PM


Heh, totally wouldn't have remembered the vomit. was wondering what it was.

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