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6th Aug 2012, 11:31 PM


I have some bits to show off from all of this acting stuff, but that can wait for another time.

So, lots of changes! The site is almost finished, and I'm waiting for parts to finish it off. Any issues navigating or viewing?

There're links to the social bits over to the left (I tried to make them fit the theme), I gave us a specialty TWC vote button top-right (featuring a little golem from above we'll see lots of later).
So, two bigger things:
Donations - There are little numbers on that picture, and there's a reason! In my mind, they aren't meant as incentive, but as thanks. They are:
100 - Another Text-based Update
250 - Another Art-based Update
350 - Yet Another Text-based Update
500 - Another Art-based Update + a Wallpaper or Schematic (free to everyone, but donaters should vote).

So, that's those.

TWC Button - A big help to Crafter right now is getting the word out. I have the social buttons on the left, and anyone can link to the site, but also voting in lists helps Crafter quite a bit.
Schematics/Designs - Rather than just wallpapers that I might also do, I'd like to do schematics(high detail) or designs(low detail). These would mostly be of carpentry based things, like the stage in this show, but possibly other bits. So, designs would give you the basic ideas, and schematics would hopefully help you with a full build. That's the plan. BUT! if you think wallpapers would be better, or schematics would suck, let me know :)

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