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20th Sep 2012, 4:04 AM


Don't worry, normal comics are still posted[see below].

Quick story: Attacked by a wild turkey in the suburbs of Boston, it apparently wanders around with its mates. And by attack I really mean, "I tried to front, and it was all like "WHAT?!" and didn't have none of it"
I had to back away while kicking out near its head as it tried to get in close to peck me to death. And I was in dress clothes on my way to a synagogue [see below]. I have a lot of stories, but this one pretty high on the weird scale. And fun! :D

Woof, this one is giant. Hope you like it! There're a couple more moments left in this short story to explore.

Sorry for missing Monday's posting. In addition to real life just being beastly lately, I spent the weekend + Mon/Tues at the house of friends that are Orthodox Jews, and for those not in the know it was just Rosh Hashana for our friends. So, out of respect, no turning my computer on or creating things, etc. My fault for not putting the finishing touches on earlier. D'oh! Back to normal this coming Monday.

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