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30th Aug 2012, 5:56 AM


I realized that I'm not very nice to my characters. I think they should get some candy and a beach soon or something. Poor lil' fellers.

Many, many exciting things coming! Some are a surprise, but the ones I can say now are:
-Hopefully I'll be translating everything to Spanish para toda la gente que habla espanol. Being part Spictacular myself I felt like this was pretty necessary. I'm not sure how soon it'll happen since I'll want a whole new site for that (which might be part of our later news...)

-Donation Wallpapers/Schematics! I'll have stuff ready for Donations soon, in addition to the global, shared rewards.

-Voting! Starting Monday there will be sneakpeeks and sketches for voting. Up a couple days early. Simple for this first time

So, those are some off the top of my head. Excited about the Spanish, little less about the others. But what's in the works has me really charged. Soooooon.

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