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2nd Aug 2012, 11:01 PM


The first text-based entry. Again, I am NOT switching to this format for everything, but I do feel like I can move fast enough now to add these prequel/alternative stories on Thursdays. I'll try to always have a little image attached as well, but I'll probably use it to explore other styles of art than the normal comic.

Length - Geezy pete, this turned out long! I meant for it to be between 1/2 and 2/3 this length. I started entertaining splitting it into two updates, but the point to this scene wasn't to linger, so all at once it came. It will not usually be this long on Thursdays. Promise

Asterisk*/Triggers - I will almost never, ever warn about triggers. I understand things are painful for people, but I don't think avoidance helps deal. 'This is a comic, not therapy', etc. Interesting discussion, but not debate. However! That rule applies to simple words or phrases. This entry above felt a little more graphic to me. To be fair, it also set off some of my own triggers, so I'm probably being a wuss too ;) Either way, I decided from this update that if text or art updates get graphic with standard triggers they will get the small warning above added on. (This shouldn't be common and hopefully will always serve a real purpose to the story. I'll do my best.)

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