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30th Jul 2012, 5:23 AM


[EDIT] -- Just notice when I checked in that I saved the image at my working resolution. Sorry for the hugeness, which nicely highlighted my sloppy, quick work. wheee!

Hey! Like I mentioned, out of town in NYC right now. So, I threw this together quickly before I left.

I was watching The Tick, I noticed his unnecessarily pointy cheek bones and thought of how I decided to draw Aux (slightly Mongolian based). That got me to thinking about who some of my unintentional basises..basi.. inspirations were. Urdi isn't as combat-oriented as Uzumi, Aux isn't insane yet, and Orphinand is incredibly social and aware of who he is, but I'd still bet I pulled something out of these folks when I imagined them.

Thursday I'll have a text update with a little ongoing pre-story. If it sits well, I'll keep that schedule of Monday->art comic, Thursday->story comic.

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