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9th Oct 2012, 12:35 AM


In honor of Doug Napel, here is Potato Beetle Dan. If you've never known you were checking out Napel's work, you probably still were. (Earthworm Jim was one I grew up with). Check Napel out, he has a kickstarter going right now and also 2 webcomics he started that are awesome. One about a superhero/rat man, Ratfist, and the other, Nnewts, is just starting with mystical, underground folk. When do these people rest?

Normal page completed (Weds night): -Line work-flats-
Still needs: -shading-background-text-
Lots to do, and the coming page has all crowds it seems. Crowds take a long, long time to do for me since I'm still learning (like learning just how long crowd scenes take).

Positives: The regular comic is still coming this week. Line work is just about done. Also! This crowd scene will look a lot better than any of the past ones I think. :)

A heads-up. After this week, we'll have a small hiatus from regular updates (story or normal) for 2 weeks. The 'chapter' is ending and I want to build up a buffer so stuff like today doesn't happen anymore. I could also just use a little break. I'll be posting up gag strips and random sketches during those two weeks, BUT if you want to ask any questions I could answer or even do some guest art that'd be awesome! Just email me (eworfle a-t, comment here.
-Guest art should have a width below 800px and a height no less than 600px-

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