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20th Oct 2012, 8:13 PM


Before going into this ending I want to say: This will be the last update until I come back at the end of next week (Thurs., 25th).
This took a lot of time (but was a blast), and I want to keep building the buffer up.

Well, shucks. If I had the full 24 I think I could finish, and without skimping these last couple pages. I feel bad doing that, but priorities and all...

Some thoughts:
(1) We missed out on the rest of the battle I had planned. :/
(2) We missed out on the single page explanation of the origin of the baddy. :/
(3) I learned a TON just from this day. It was like a microscope on a lot of bad habits and my skill level.
I'm not fast enough yet, there are things I just spend too much, unneeded time on, but I've also gotten better at a lot :) So much about planning and pacing and 'visual art vs. writing'. It was great, like being forced to write in a different style.

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoyed what was there. You got the last 5 pages all crammed into one, which became a little preachy instead of action-y and 'witty'.
I'd like to apologize to anyone whose RSS feed got messed up and anyone on ComicFury who didn't know 24hour Comic Day was coming and got buried. There are a couple other 24 hour guys who did MUCH better at you should go check out!

Next year, I'm giving myself a full 24 hrs. I also don't want to do it digitally (except maybe coloring), cause I go a LOT faster on paper. I also will spend a little more time in the design phase.
I hope everyone is still coming then, cause seeing that people find it worth reading is a huge boost. You guys are awesome!

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