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9th Aug 2011, 11:51 AM


One week hiatus

I've done a few small things this week like alter the website and create a new banner and avatar.   Going to take this week off the comic for two reasons.

Reason the first: Due to a publication for research I need this week for that task. Pretty vital.  I also have some others tasks + qualifiers (you get to stay in grad school test) coming up in the next monthish and they need top priority.

Second reason:  I realized the pacing for this first scene is too slow to really draw people in.  In writing it's not such a problem, but when you only get a page at a time its a very different feeling.  Something I've got to get used to with a storyline comic.  So, I've sketched and done the line work for the rest of the scene.  Next week, around Friday, I'll post several comics at once.  There's ~5 more until end of scene, so next week we'll see 3 of them and then two weeks later the last two. 


Following scenes are less introductory, bit more action, humor, etc. and they should begin around mid/late-Sept.

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