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14th Jul 2011, 1:37 AM



Bit introductory, though you should be able to just head into the story without this:

Crafter follows the lives of the crafting professionals working together under one shop. Their world is one of light-magic, ethnocentrism, political intrigue, and also every day living.

Updates are roughly once a week, sometimes more, sometimes less (this will become more steady when I’m used to things and have gotten through some vital graduate school milestones).

Language and scenes may rarely be a bit harsher, as I don’t believe censorship belongs in creative expression. However, unless a character is specifically written as foul-mouthed (doubt this will happen) it should be infrequent and only when, I deem, appropriate to the story.
Further, for extreme topics/scenes I will try to throw out a “trigger word” warning. While I don’t always support that concept I would prefer that any sadness/confusion/anger/etc. come from relations to the characters and not readers’ personal pains.

Author: EWorfle is a graduate student researching Visual Analytics through Computer Science at a university in the U.S. He also tries writing books, short stories, playing soccer, hiking, and has created a few video games.

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