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23rd Jan 2013, 10:40 PM


Desktopian Society

[EDIT] Quick heads up.  The text update for 1/24 will be a day late. The stuff below took me a little longer to finish tonight than I thought it would.

The desktop has finally arrived!  I made copies for all the standard ratios, with just Aux and Aux+calendars.  Since its so late in the month I did both January and February versions.  They can be found here!   They're free, so grab one if you like.  If you'd like to give something back, feel free to donate or vote over to the right there.  Faaarther ---->  

Oh, and I got a Tumblr account to put it on, so I may start using that a bit. Not sure, since some parts of Tumblr have cool and pretty things going on. And then other parts...other parts make me die a little. Let's see how it goes!


I'd been buried with work and really unhappy with the parts of the image.  Got a bit inspired. Yay!   The next desktop has been designed and should go fast. It'll be used for February, which is the best month for many reasons, not least of which is my birthday. (Moyle as a brooding Hera in a dress I really dig is the image.  I'm pretty chuffed)

The need for a partner artist is still on going.  Send in anything you want that you think will show off your 'skills of an artist'. (Contact tab is on the regular comic page, top right)   I look forward to seeing your S and then another different S.

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