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15th Dec 2012, 7:57 PM



[EDIT] -  Computer issues in Mexico (plus spending time with family I never see and a culture I love...)  really threw a wrench in my work plans.  If you're wondering where the Ask the Cast page is and the latest story page, they're incoming.  (~1pm EST)

[EDIT2] -  Also, the compy issues slowed down my wallpaper plans.  So!  I have like half of the scene sketched out in individual characters, and I was thinking that instead we may do a 'Calendar' edition, with one character a month through 2013.  A the end of the year we'll have them all together and I'll make a 2014 (for next year) Calendar Wallpaper of all of them put together.   This isn't a big change since I'd already planned on 12 characters and a slight calendar.

 Well, here's an update.  Late no matter how you look at it, and that really bugs me.  I read enough webcomics (too many) to not know how bothersome irregularity can be.   So, I've been pushing myself, adding buffers, cutting corners, and just trying to do what I could do cut down on that...and I can't.

  Without droning on, I got a new job a few months back.  It uses more of my juice than I hoped it would, and it uses as much time as I thought it would.   I cannot keep up with two updates a week, even if one is just a lot of text.  My anxiety has been growing and with that my enthusiasm and speed wane.  So, instead I'm going to do something crazy!    Regular updates will happen every week and a half...  Follow with me now, 'cause I know that's awkward to conceptualize as a comic schedule (for me).
1st week -  Regular Monday update,  Text Thurs. update
2nd week -  Text update on Monday,  Regular update on Thurs   (~1 1/2 wk later)
3rd week -  Text update on Thurs.  [need +1/2 for update]
4th week - Regular Monday update, Text Thurs update        (~1 1/2 wk later)
.  .   .


So, what does that do besides seem weird?  Essentially, we get the same # of text, 3 (rather than 4) regular updates/mo,   and an improvement in what's created.  Why?

Well, it gives me an extra 3-4 days for each comic, which is almost exactly how much I need to not rush.  It also gives me a week off of sorts.  AND all together that gives me the oomph to improve the writing (that I feel has been slacking), and to roll out other cool projects  (t-shirts, a video game, wallpapers)  that have been stalling, which gives me even MORE drive.   It also gives me more time to hang-out with friends/regular/non-work people (helps my dialogue to not hear engineers all day), more time for chores and the lady friend (yay less anxiety),  AND you guys get a new car!

ADDED BONUS SUPER-MEGA MATERIAL -  I hate to cut back, so to make up for it I'm going to throw in bonuses next week while I'm out of town.  
#1, this update counts for last Monday, not this Thurs. or the coming Monday.  Meaning, next comic is next Thurs.  Yaaaaaaaaay!
#2, I'll do an added Ask the Cast if people have questions.  I have 1 question that is great, sitting around, begging to be answered.  Send me any more you may have.  That'll come next week on Weds.
#3, I'll finally finish some sort of wallpaper.  Probably New Year's Eve themed and out the week of Christmas.

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