What's this comic about?

  I'd try here first.


What's the update schedule?
  Tentatively, Sunday evening/Monday morning.
  I know a major rule is to make a schedule and stick to it. Unfortunately, I'm going for a PhD in CS amongst other daily things. So, squeezing writing and, especially, drawing in isn't always easy.
  I'll will update at least once a week, and twice a week when I can. Weeks where I'm submitting research or inundated with tests, expect sidestories and one-off gags.


I don't fully understand the setting. Magic, machines, top hats, and castles, but not Steampunk?
  Imagine this as a sort of pre-Steampunk low-magical world.  Think just prior to the rennaissance, but with twists like:

  - No gunpowder or steam engines yet, but light magic has sped things along. So, people live with some of the eases of later living. In some ways this has become a crutch hindering classical engineering/science research.
  - No wizards. Beyond the fact that no one who wasn't trying to sell you something would call themself a "wizard" there's also no one with amazing powers in this world.  The people using "magic" are controlling energy/emotions.  There's a lot of tricks to these energy distortions, but no time-warps, no conjuring things from nothing, no fireballs big enough to destroy a city block.  The feel of just how powerful magic is and how it can be used will develop in the story over time, but I already have the details worked out..



Why is the art/panel layout so bad?
  I've never had any art training. What (extremely) little ability is there comes from what I've self-taught as a tertiary hobby. Hopefully it will get better with all of this practice, and if I ever make money off the comic I promise one of the first things it goes towards will be an art class. Right now I'm hoping the writing will be worth your while.
  Also, anyone with suggestions on improvements, or even videos to watch, I'm always interested. I have a lot of drawing books and I've been scouring the web watching people like Lars deSouza and Karl Kerschl. Plus turning my normal webcomic reading into a study on styles/poses/etc. I have a lot of ideas about the world I want to show you and it's important to me to show it to you properly as best I can.

Why is the writing so bad?
  ... :*( ?


Do you do commissions?
  Haha, I kid.  If anyone ever wanted something like this, writing or art, then sure. Contact me and we can discuss my schedule and rates. 


This seems to rip-off the game Crafter. What gives? (This won't make much sense if the game has not yet been released)
   Well, I created both of them (branching off another cool game idea from Andy Vulhop). You won't need to ever play the game to enjoy the comic or vice versa, though I hope they blend well. I just like the universe that I created for the game and I wasn't going to be able to use a lot of that. At least not in the first game. So, I used it here. I may have loose breaks in canon between them.


Story is most vital here and gameplay there.


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