Hi all!

The best way to contact me for questions, work, whatever right now is  here.

If interested:

Character sketch (rough)                   $1
Character sketch (clean)                    $2
--- Beyond, I will email you a picture of the sketch to make sure you like the direction. ---
Character line art (paper/pen)           $5
Character line art (digital)                   $12
Character color (flats)                         $15
Character color (shading, texture)    $20
If you want a 'group', pricing works like the above for the first character and for every even character after. (So, 1 character digital line art = $10, 2-3 character digital line art = $20, 4-5 character digital line art = $30, etc.)

Poems (any style, up to 16 lines)       $5
Poems (any style, every +16 lines)   +$2
Short Story [up to 4000 words]
    ~ comedy, psych. thrill, sci-fi            $30
    ~ other                                                  $25
Longer - Contact me with details...

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