Updates are Monday and Thursday (roughly, sometimes more Tues & Fri).  The first is a normal 'art' update, the second is part of whatever short story is going currently with a small sketch attached..


Crafter follows the lives of the crafting professionals working together under one shop. Their world is one of light-magic, ethnocentrism, political intrigue, and also every day living. It has parts of the gothic, action-adventure, and every-day-living genres.

If I tried sum it up in a short phrase:    "Being around someone doesn't mean sharing their life, just like never knowing someone doesn't mean you aren't just like them."    But that sounds like too much to me, so I won't try to sum it up.



Short & Unpretentious: This comic may, occasionally, contain harsh language or violence. Very rarely it may contain hints at nudity/sex.  Sometimes "trigger warnings" will be given, sometimes not.
Not Short & Pretentious: Language and scenes may rarely be a bit harsher, as I don’t believe censorship belongs in creative expression, BUT!  unless a character is specifically written as foul-mouthed (doubt this will happen) it should be infrequent and only when, I deem, appropriate to the story.
Further, for extremely graphic 'discussions'/scenes I will try to throw out a “trigger word” warning. I don’t always support that concept, but I want any sadness/confusion/anger/etc. come from relations to the characters and not readers’ personal pains.  

Author: EWorfle tries writing books, short stories, playing soccer, hiking, and has created a few video games. He also does some Visual Analytics and Network research.  Someday he hopes to teach, make educational video games, and spend lots of time with family and pets. And to emulate Euler or Chaplin.

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